Currency Exchanges opening times in Newcastle upon Tyne

In the Newcastle upon Tyne of 1 Branches, 1 companies. The biggest: Tesco Extra (1 branch).

One in five of us do it, but is ‘wardrobing’ ever acceptable? [18 09 2019 05:07:28]

Wearing new clothes and then returning them to the retailer is now so common that sellers are clamping down. So what do shoppers think of the practice?Step into your local post office during your lunch break and you will see them: queues of shoppers, packages in hand, waiting to return items they have bought online. But not all of the clothes being returned to major retailers will be unworn. According to a survey, a fifth of shoppers admit to buying items with the intention of wearing them and then returning them. “Wardrobing” is estimated to cost UK retailers £1.5bn, and they are increasingly clamping down on the practice: earlier this year, the online retailer Asos announced it would blacklist serial returners. We took to the streets of London to find out how common wardrobing really is – and whether the retailers should be worried. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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